Licences and special editions
Licences to use the book and special editions

Many companies use The Project Workout as the basis of their company text; they like the simple “easy to grasp” style. You can order special editions (in full or part) with your logo on the cover and with company specific pages. An ideal corporate gift or essential manual for your own staff. Alternatively, you can obtain permission to use and adapt parts of the book to incorporate in your in-company documentation or training courses.

Licences to use and adapt the Method on the web

The “community” pages of this web site include a web based methiod, based on the Project Workout. You can obtain licences to use this web site in your organisation, adapting it to suit your needs.

Cartoons to get the message across!

Sometimes a picture can say more than pages of text and humour can be more piercing and acceptable than plain text. This is why Project Workout uses the series of “Roman” cartoons. See “community” for some examples. Project Workout is able to provide you with a range of options for using these to help you get the message across in your organisation. You can obtain a non-exclusive licence to use those published in the book or you can have some drawn specifically for your situation and your message.  Contact Project Workout for more information.

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