The Project Workout Outline

A summary of the five sections and key principles of the Project Workout.

Part 1 - understanding some of the basics
Part 2 - All about managing a single project
Part 3 - all about mamanging a lot of projects
Part 4 - some key project management techniques
Part 5 - Implementing a “projects” approach in your organisation

 The Project Workout is about driving change

This is about driving change in your organisation by selecting the right projects and managing them in the right way. The approach is to keep to some basic principles supported by only a few formal “rules.” In this way the likelihood of success is increased dramatically and you, as a director or manager, will have the freedom to perform. Ian Gibson, Chief Executive of Nissan Motor Manufacturing in Britain said:

"As organisations we must become increasingly able to change quickly and easily. This means building on and around people’s abilities rather than limiting them for the convenience of recognisable roles.”

A new way of managing our organisations

Ian Gibson recognised the need for a new way of managing our businesses; one that is flexible and not tied to specific departments; one where people can be used to the best effect; where what they do counts more than the department or function they come from. Some companies have attained this vision, but most have not. This book looks at one aspect of this, the part which relates to implementing change in your business. A “new way” of doing this has been with us for a long time, buried within the bowels of our technical and engineering departments, but which is now being recognised by business and governments alike. It is project and program management.

Unfortunately, the discipline of project management is generally made to look too complicated, is frequently misunderstood and often poorly practised at a business level. Consequently, it does not always deliver the promised rewards. I make the “art of project management” clearer to you by: explaining the challenges faced by many companies; outlining some lessons learned from leading companies; proposing a framework for directing and managing projects; explaining the key roles which need to be fulfilled; showing how a business can manage and track all its projects as a portfolio through their life cycles; providing best practice for managing projects.

What's in it for you?

Using the Project Workout will benefit you as: having read it, you can really start doing it! the mystique of projects is exposed, making it simple to understand and accessible to finance, sales, marketing, customer services, administrators and technologists alike. it gives practical, immediately usable methods for managing portfolios of projects and individual projects. the content is not tied to any formally published methods but is positioned as “common sense” which overrides them all and you can access Robert's services to suit your situation.

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