ICI Limited - Chairman, Peter Ellwood CBE

The Project Workout introduces ways of thinking and working which deal with uncertainty and risk by providing a practical, top to bottom guide to making business-led project management work for you and your organisation.

British Airways - Chief Executive, Rod Eddington

Thank you very much for coming to speak at our Programme Management conference - we got a lot of positive feedback from your presentation and were delighted that you were able to give participants solid information based on what you had learned from your experiences - both the good and the "developmental"!

Lend Lease - Greg Clarke, CEO

This book is all about the hard business issues of increasing customer satisfaction, creating a happier workforce and ultimately increasing profits. I commend it to all leaders who lie awake at night struggling with these issues

Cable and Wireless - Manoj Parmar, Director of Governance & Control

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob for the enormous contribution that he has made in establishing the entire projects arena within Cable & Wireless and has in many respects taken us to a degree of excellence and world class procedures that is the envy of many leading organisations.

CITI - Christopher Worsley, CEO

The Project Workout is compulsory reading for all consultants who need to demonstrate excellence in project management. The second edition is a credit to Robert and we recommend it to all our delegates.

Kapa’a Associates, USA - Robert H. Stambaugh , President,

The Project Workout is subtitled “A Toolkit for Reaping the Rewards From All Your Business Projects.” Overall, his book lives up to its subtitle; it’s one of the best introductions to managing behaviour and dealing with culture in organisations I've seen in a long time, and the lessons it delivers offer insights for veteran HRIS professionals and managers as well as first-time project leaders. It's comforting to see that someone has prepared an easy-to-read, easy-to-apply primer that contains knowledge about how its done, not just information about doing it.

Robert Heller – one of the UK’s top management gurus

Robert's Project Workout is an invaluable, lucid and practical guide to a crucial area of management, which has been crying out for the treatment it receives in these pages.

BAE Systems

The Project Workout is the best "project management in one book" volume we have found. Practical, nicely laid-out and fun. Useful for reference.

MGM Assurance - David Pain - Director and Assistant General Manager

The help you have provided so far has been invaluable and now we have a fair idea of how to take the project forwards.

The Goldratt Institute - Oded Cohen

The Project Workout explains the "why" and underlines the "how". It is an important book, taking a leading role in growing a new generation of professional project managers.

Unilever - Duncan Haughey

Having read many books on the subject of programme and project management over the years I must say that 'The Project Workout' is the first I would recommend to my PM colleagues and I do.

Thomsett Associates - Australia

I made your ”Project Workout” a set text for the Australian Computer Society's Creditation in Project Management and they are all using your second edition. There are not many of us exploring new paradigms of project management. At last we are seeing some project management books that we are prepared to recommend. Buttrick's approach to project management reflects our Third Wave model in that it discusses stakeholders well and breaks the "iron triangle" of requirements, deadlines and budget into a more realistic discussion on quality and, wait for it, benefits. A very good and highly recommended text.

Amanda Clack – Partner, Hornagold & Hills writes in Project, the magazine of the Association for Project Management.

This book (Project Workout) is a must for every student of project management and should form a key text for those undertaking formal methods of study in project management – there are not many books like this one available on the shelf.

Strategic Project Solutions

This is the only book that I have encountered that adequately explains the Stage (or Phase) gating framework.

From a reader in Boston, MA, USA (

I have spent the last year looking for good project management books. I have found several good ones; however, the Project Workout surpasses them all for usability and practicality. If your projects are not overly technical, this could be the only PM book you need. (If your projects have a significant technical component, take a look at Visualizing Project Management for its description of the technical part of projects. But still look at this one for its practicality and directness.)


If you are thinking of getting in a project management methodology to run a big change initiative and paying consultants a fortune to re invent the wheel then the Project Workout will save you thousands.

From California USA

Superb book for PM processes and PMO: Mike Tarrani from Tustin, CA USA This is one of the few books that covers project management as a coherent process while providing detailed guidance for enterprise-level program management.

Azusa, California, USA

A rare gem - Linda Zarate from Azusa, CA United States.This is one of the most business-focused books on project management that you can read. Where other books go into techniques that are specific to project planning, scheduling and control, this one ensures that business issues are interwoven into each element of project management.

A project manager from Salisbury, UK

Good book for underpinning knowledge of PM at all levels. As a Project Manager I found it to be extremely useful in assisting me to coach/mentor others. Particularly useful for explaining the use of techniques/methodologies. Obviously written by a practitioner rather than an academic. (Source

A project manager from UK

Essential reading for practising project managers An excellent and pragmatic perspective on the realities of project management. Written in an easy to read format, this book provides a generic project management methodology, complimented by a series of project document templates and heath check exercises to ensure that a project is in control. Essentially it is a book written for practising managers rather than a theoretical approach to project management. (Source:

Priit Parmakson, Assnt Prof of Operations Management - Estonia

Concordia International University Estonia. I'm going to teach an e-learning course using the Project Workout as a textbook. Upon first, quick reading, I want to praise the excellent design of the book. As for content, on first glance, I have found a number of concepts new and attractive to me: the "Have a quick look--have a closer look" model, your treatment of risks and opportunities, the inclusion of a quote from PM software company (their lack of PM!). I'm looking forward to a good course experience.

Darren Waller - ACS

 10 out of 10 ! I strongly recommend that this title should be on any business leader's bookshelf. See Review 5 for full text.


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