Seminars, events and workshops

Robert Buttrick can support your organisation’s event, seminar or workshop by providing:

  • board and senior level executive briefings and support;
  • speaking at conferences and events (public and private);
  • seminars, briefings and workshops
  • Cartoons (standard or bespoke) to help you get the message across.
The Project Workout

This series of seminars and briefings can draw on any aspect of the Project Workout and help you to take it to your target audience. This may be at an internal conference or training seminar as a guest or Key Note speaker. ensuring the message you need to convey is put across with authority and praciticality.

Effective project sponsorship

This seminar, which comes in versions ranging from half a day to one and half days, covers the role of the Project Sponsor. Current research is showing that this role plays a greater part in ensuring project success than has been thought in the past. A good project, run by a great project manager is often not enough. Project Sponsorship is a true business leadership role, focussed on creating your “company of tomorrow”.  Can you really afford to ignore it? (You will find some articles on sponsorship in “The Zone”)

Effective project management

“Thank you very much for coming to speak at our Programme Management conference - we got a lot of positive feedback from your presentation and were delighted that you were able to give participants solid information based on what you had learned from your experiences - both the good and the "developmental"! “

Rod Edington - CEO British Aitways

Examples of some recent and future events may be found on the “Events” page.

This seminar covers the role of the Project Manager. It can be tailored to meet the needs of those new to project management as well as the more experienced practitioners.  It covers the basic principles andapproachws to project management, looking at both hard and soft skills.

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