Robert Buttrick provides executive level advice and speaker support to private and public sector organisations and events on business-led portfolio, programme and project management providing

  • advice and consulting;
  • methods and standards;
  • coaching and mentoring;
  • conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • books, articles and white papers.
What's different about Robert’s approach?

As well as being a successful business author, Robert has worked daily with these challenges within large, global organisations, meeting many of the problems of implementing a projects approach "in the real world". His advice is therefore built on practical experience, where we know perfection is not an option!

Many organisations can run one or two projects at a time . . . and probably do them very well. However, when it comes to running tens, hundreds or even thousands of projects at a time, the normal “silo -based” company organization fails.  This is where Project Workout can really help, by showing how enterprise-wide accountabilities and practice can really simplify cross-company working and increase the likelihood of business success considerably.

Robert's approach follows that advocated in his books, taking a holistic view, ensuring that your culture, structures, processes and systems are fully integrated and compatible: Culture informs the way we behave towards each other; Structure sets who is accountable to whom and for what; Process adds consistency, where consistency adds value; Systems make it cheaper, quicker, scalable or more reliable.

To gain a better feel, look at some of the articles in “Community” pages.

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